How to Remove Mildew from a Couch ( posted on June 11th, 2012 )

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Having mildew on your couch is an inconvenient situation with bad consequences. If you are not very sure what exactly mildew is, then let me tell you that it is a parasite that can be very harmful for your health. Usually, it grows in dark and moist places. So, if your couch is in a room with such conditions, then this will be the reason why your furniture was infected by mildew at first place.

If you ask some of our professional cleaners in London how to remove mildew from a couch, then they will tell you that you do not need any special skills to get the desired results. And in the next lines I will give you a few simple steps to follow.

1. Before cleaning the affected area you should determine it first. For the purpose, you need to examine each part of your couch for mildew. If you smell any strange odour, then this can be a sign for mildew. Make sure that you’ve checked each inch of the couch. If you miss a spot, then you give the mildew a chance to spread and cause some serious health problems to you and your beloved ones. Remove the cushions and do not forget to look beneath the couch, as well.

2. Once you have successfully identified the infected spots, you have to prepare the area for the essential part of the cleaning. If there are any removable parts that have been affected by the mildew, then treat them outside your home. Remember that the direct sunlight can cause discolouration to the fabric. If you made a decision to deal with the mildew inside your home, you have to open all the doors and windows in order to provide a good ventilation to the area.

3. Now, you can begin with the procedure by wiping the entire surface of your couch down with a clean rag or soft-bristled brush. Do this a few times to remove as much of the spores as possible. Then you have to discard your cloth or brush in the garbage disposal.

4. When you are ready to begin the cleaning of your couch our cleaners from London recommend preparing a solution of ½ cup of rubbing alcohol and ½ cup of water. Take a clean rag and dampen it with the solution. Then wipe the couch and examine the surface for any remaining mildew. Repeat the process if necessary. Do not forget to rinse the rag occasionally. In the end, wipe the entire surface of your couch with clean water.

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